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Gulshan Nagpal, CMD, Gulshan Homz

With immense pleasure and gratitude I wish to share my experience of the interaction with Mr. Suniel Guptaa.

It was a great exposure through his coaching that many doubts which cloud the mind got cleared many questions that were unanswered got the direction. That's a great help to me. And I must say that he is the master who gets into a real conversation that take things out of you which were buried inside us. I wish people get his coaching to be a better person that gives immediate results. .
Ajay Nagpal Senior Manager – Finance, Gulshan Homz

Before starting training with you, I was familiar about my goals, I was happy with my personal and official life but once training session has been started it clears the priority of my goals and how to accomplish the same, it is also helping me to differentiate between short term and long term goals, these sessions are like an eye opener and understand where do I lack and how to rectify it and also helps to tackle the difficult day to day situations, it was overall an excellent experience.
Pinky Gupta - Housewife

For last 3-4 years I was careless about my health and my continuously increasing weight. As a result my knees started paining and I was unable to even sit cross legs. This led to other health issues as well. Then I started to take coaching sessions from Mt Guptaa in Feb, 15. He helped me to start believing in self and commit to improve my health. He helped me to set a goal to reduce my weight by 8 kg by mid of June’15. I have spent the last 4 months taking care of my health and diet, resulting in a loss of 6 kegs; I can now sit down with cross legs without any pain and do my yoga. I was inspired by his coaching lessons. I am happy with his approach and genuine concern.
Soni Ayre, Student, Mumbai

I met Mr Guptaa in our college during a seminar. The presentation by him decide to choose career in sales. He helped me get a job with a monthly income of 18000/= p.m. as executive in a marketing company within 15 days of final B.Sc. exams even before results.
Dharmendra Maurya, Student, Mumbai

I met Guptaa sir through my classmate Soni. He trained me for four days that helped me to learn about selling, job of a Medical Representative. He prepared me for improving my confidence to appear in an interview and improve my communication. He helped me get a job with a monthly income of 16000/= p.m.as Medical Representative with one week of training. He is very friendly in nature= and his style of teaching is very simple.
Kishor Kumar AGM – Internal Audit,
Gulshan Homz

“Coaching experience with Mr Suniel Guptaa has enabled me to improve my thought process in all walk of life. It suggest me to Enhancement of knowledge and skills as per professional and social need. It guides me to be Focus on Role and Goals.”
Nidhi Hussain Sr. Executive Secretary to Director,
KW Homes Pvt. Ltd.

I from the whole KW Group highly appreciate your guiding and motivating skills that really makes a deep impact in our lives and also help a lot to manage our time more effectively and efficiently.

We have learned so much from you and looking forward to learn more.

Thank you for being a remarkable Guide for all of us..!!!
Aarti Handoo

Thank you Suniel for the wonderful session the other day. Though the session lasted a few hours and the topic of study was spontaneous, I feel I have received more than enough guidance and step by step understanding of the issues we discussed. I felt you were very comforting, non-judgmental and you have the capability of understanding other's world to deliver a structured pertinent outcome.
I felt the session and my learning's were productive and balanced in terms of you giving me enough space to get my own solution with a gentle reinforcement of the process by you. Thank you once again and I hope you have many more opportunities to share your expertise and help others to evolve.
Shishir Sonane Engineering student.

I am very grateful to Mr Guptaa for helping me overcome my negative emotions, specially my anger. Because of that I was continuously losing even my close friends. His coaching style and simple approach are his unique strengths. I would like to join more sessions with him to improve other aspects of my personality.