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Suniel Guptaa is an ICF certified freelance Coach (ACC), Soft skills Enhancer and Sales Trainer.

Suniel is a seasoned professional with over 32 years of experience in Pharmaceutical Industry entailing Business Development, Sales Management and Sales Training.

Suniel specializes in Training on Building Accountability, Enhancing Personal Effectiveness at work, Team Building, Leadership Development, Time Management and Life Coaching.

His vast pan India experience and Training methodology has helped Sales Teams across various industries to consistently surpass sales targets and enhance productivity.

Suniel has the consistent ability to create excitement in his clients in every coaching assignment or training program. He is passionate about helping people grow and getting powerful results by increasing their productivity, interpersonal connect and performance levels. He adopts a customer focus approach to first understand their learning needs and then design a suitable development program.

Suniel provides one-on-one coaching service to people from all walks of life with the intent of helping them realize their untapped inner potential and generate innovative solutions to the challenges they face. At the end of his coaching assignment, his clients are left with the feeling of, ‘I had all the answers and capability within me to face all my challenges’. This enhances their self-confidence and makes them believe that they are empowered to manage their own life, explore solutions and generate SMART action plans. His coaching sessions lead the participants to achieve many ‘aha’ moments that are sure to change their way of working for the better.

Suniel spearheaded the training department of a large Indian pharma company for more than 10 years.He has hands-on experience in designing and delivering skill enhancement programs for front line salespersons as well as the sales managers. He has the distinction of having trained 10,000+ salespersons, 800 managers and several trainers.

His clientele includes companies like:
• Gulshan Homz Pvt. Ltd.;
• Exotica Housing Pvt. Ltd, NOIDA;
• KW Group, NOIDA;
• K. Raheja Corp, Mumbai;
• BSN Medical Pvt. Ltd. Mumbai;
• Students, individual professionals and home makers.

He regularly conducts workshops for college students in and around Mumbai to orient them towards employability and personality development which helps them enhance their self - confidence to appear in job interviews and increases their chance of becoming successful.

Suniel is MBA in Marketing and is a certified trainer and Coach. He is also accredited with:
• Associate Certified Coach from ICF;
• Certified Learning & Development Manager (CLDM) workshop by Middle Earth Consul-tants;
• Certified Trainer by ACTS – India;
• Certified in Advanced Content Creation;
• Certified in Training Need Identification – Scientifically and Systematically by ACTS – India.