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a) Communication Skills:
Communication, Simply Means….Sharing Meaningful Messages.

Communication is the process of transferring or exchanging information and understanding from one to one or one to many. The skill of communicating effectively is important for people from all walks of life – students, professionals, job seekers, managers, business leaders or even home makers. It is skill, can be learnt and developed.

This is two days program for corporates conducted in a group of 15-25. The program can be designed and delivered for individuals as well. At the end of the program, the participant(s) learn:

  • What Is Communication
  • Types Of Communication (Verbal, Non- verbal and Written)
  • Process Of Communication
  • Listening Skills-to enhance effectiveness of communication
  • How to remove the barriers to Effective Communication
  • Body Language And Communication
  • Business Communication Skills (Optional) – Email writing, CV Writing, Writing business proposals etc...

  • b) Time Management:
    To equip people with the ability to manage self and ensure that the things that matter the most are not left at the mercy of things that matter the least.
    This one day module is useful for people across all functions and levels in any organisation or individuals, professionals, students or home makers.

    This program helps people:
  • Identify the most common interruptions of working time and ways to eliminate them
  • Determine why and where they procrastinate and overcome procrastination
  • Apply the practical techniques, concepts, and strategies developed through this program
  • Manage the work and use time constructively and
  • Improve productivity (Effectiveness) by spending time on Result producing activities

  • c) Conflict management:
    As long as people work in groups, may be family, social, cultural, religious or corporate, and they have difference of opinion, Conflict is inevitable. A conflict may have both, positive and negative consequences.
    This one day program is ideal for people from cross functional teams and depend on each other for achieving personal / departmental goals.

    The program focuses on:
  • What is a Conflict and its causes and sources
  • Consequences of a Conflict
  • Resolving conflicts – How?

  • d) Interview skills (Enhance Employability):
    This Specially Designed Program – Embrace The Future– Employability and building a winning personality, is meant for all job seekers and is aimed at helping them to prepare for a highly competitive job market. Every youngster dreams for a job upon completion of academic life, may be professionals like engineering, pharmacy or B.Sc. / B.com / B.A. Etc. Though most possess similar knowledge and skills but only few are able to realize their dreams. What makes the difference is the orientation – the preparedness to compete and influence the employers. The big question is what an employer looks for in a prospective candidate and how to prepare oneself for the same.

    This 12 hrs program spread over 6 sessions of 2 hrs each helps the participants learn and practice:
  • What employers look for in a prospective employee? Different types of skills one need to demonstrate to influence an employer.
  • What are other important attributes / qualities employers want? Other unique qualities / strengths one need to exhibit / the values which impresses employers.
  • How to make first impression? Writing an impressive CV / Resume.
  • Facing an interview successfully. Grooming / dressing / body language / answering questions in interview / group interview.