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                          SUNIEL GUPTAA

Suniel Guptaa is an ICF certified freelance Coach (ACC), Soft skills Enhancer and Sales Trainer.

Suniel is a seasoned professional with over 32 years of experience in PharmaceuticalIndustry en-tailing Business Development, Sales Management and Sales Training.

Suniel specializes in Training on Building Accountability, Enhancing Personal Effectiveness at work, Team Building, Leadership Development, Time Management and Life Coaching...
                          CAROLINE PINTO
Caroline is a keen, enthusiastic soft skills trainer.

She has over 9 years of experience into the shipping industry. She has worked across segments entailing Recruitment, Training, Induction, crewing and other operations.

Caroline is a highly motivated, passionate person having keen interest in touching people’s hearts and imparting the knowledge and skills through training and personal coaching. She is a keen leaner who firmly believes in herself and imparting and training people to the best of their potential is her forte like Public speaking, Personality development and Time management...