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A Line manager plays a key role in the success and failure of an organization. He / she is the one who plays a pivotal role in achieving the goals and eventually generates profits for the organization.

This is true for all line managers, whether in Sales, Production, Finance or any other function. A Line Manager must be very clear about his role in the organization. He should know what he is supposed to do at the workplace and also what not to do.

This three days program is designed for first line managers aimed at to help the participants understand with absolute clarity:

A) The transition in the new role
  • Change from doing to getting things done.
  • Change from managing self to managing team.
  • Change from managing a territory to many territories.
  • Change from managing small numbers to bigger numbers.

  • B) The new Role and Responsibilities of a Line Manager
    C) The key Managerial skills to be an effective manager;
    D) Key performance parameters for a Line Manager;
    E) Manager or A Leader
    F) Manager as A Coach

    This three days’ workshop is designed for catering to the specific needs of all new managers, as well as experienced managers who are struggling to find the right mix of skill and behavior set to help them become successful.