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This specially designed program – Embrace the future – Employability and Building a Winning Personality is meant for all job seekers and is aimed at helping them to prepare for a highly competitive job market.

Do you see a picture of ‘you’ below?

So does thousands and lacs of boys and girls like you! Most youngsters dream for a job upon completion of their academic life, may be professionals like Engineering, Pharmacy or B.Sc. / B.Com / B.A. etc.

Though most possess similar knowledge and skills but only few are able to realize their dreams. What makes the difference is the Orientation – the preparedness to compete and influence the employers. The big question is what an employer looks for in a prospective candidate and how to prepare oneself for the same.

The program contents are:

S. N. Topic covered  Learning for students
1  What Employers look for in a prospective employee? Different types of skills one need to demonstrate to influence an Employer.
2  What are other important attributes/qualities Employers want? What are the Unique qualities/strengths one need to exhibit/The Values which impresses Employers?
3 How to make First Impression? Writing an Impressive CV / Resume.
4 Facing an Interview successfully.  Grooming / Dressing / Body language / Answering questions in interview / Group interview.
5 Filling up Employment Application forms. How to provide correct and complete details with clarity & honesty?
6  Basic Communication skills. Expressing self in Impactful way.
7 Personality Development. What is Personality and how to develop it?

For candidates interested to join ‘Selling’ career, additional session on the basics of Selling Process and Skills & behaviours required is added to orient them for Sales Jobs.

Program duration: The standard duration of the program is 2 days inclusive of role plays, mock sessions and workshops. However, the same can also be delivered over a period of three sessions, once in a month, each session of 2-3 hours. There is capsulated form also available as 3 hours duration, without mock sessions / workshop.