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gs academy

GS Academy was founded in Nov. 2014 by Suniel Guptaa, a freelance certified Coach, Soft Skills Enhancer and Sales Trainer based in Mumbai.

GS Academy provides specialized and customized training to sales teams of various industries to significantly improve their sales performance through its unique and proven training interventions and enhances the productivity of non-sales teams through personal coaching and skill enhancement programs.

Before starting GS Academy, Suniel worked in the pharmaceutical industry for 32 years entailing Sales Management, Sales Training and Coaching.

Our clients have experienced benefits through our Coaching sessions and Training programs in terms of generating more alternatives and thus finding innovative solutions to their problems. They have also benefitted in terms of:

 Improved productivity;
 Reduced customer complaints;
 Enhanced sales performance;
 Better working relationships with direct reports / peers/ supervisors;
 Improved teamwork;
 Conflict reduction;
 Enhanced job accountability and
 Effective time management


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